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BQ Edison, Spanish Tablet 10.1-inch Android 4.0

Seems that the Spanish technological industry begins to take off. This last tablet of the marca BQ give a qualitative leap on the previous to incorporate the latest available version of Android and a dual core processor. Account with a screen 10.1 inches with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. With these features it is quite appropriate to view audiovisual content.

Screen does not have the higher resolution of the market, but it cannot be said that it is not enough to enjoy videos. It has what you usually call HD resolution. It promises a viewing angle of 178 degrees, which in practice means that the screen can be well seen from any position. The screen also promises an improved touch response with respect to its predecessors. It is able to recognize up to 10 fingers on the screen, so the possibilities increase. This combined with a powerful processor allows us to think in the BQ Edison as a Tablet gaming.

The processor is a Dual Core Cortex A9 1.6 GHz. It’s one of the strongest we have seen in a Tablet. A power like this is aimed at multi-tasking. You have several applications open at the same time or music while you browse are just some of the possibilities offered. The design is clean, with rounded corners and black. It has a maximum thickness of 10 mm, a more or less standard value between tablets.

It has two cameras, on the back and the front. None of them is particularly noted for its quality. The front is aimed at videoconferencing, while the rear could take pictures despite having only 2 megapixels of resolution. However, should assess until point uses a tablet to take photos. There is little users who do so, and is really does not have much sense so bulky device for this purpose.

The BQ Edison has with 16 GB of internal storage. As for connections, also has co n two mini USB 2.0 ports as well as a HDMI output. With this, we can connect the tablet to one device as a television and play in what we alijamos. It also has Bluetooth 4.0, the version most recent technology of cable-free data exchange.

It is not the most powerful Tablet we’ve seen in the last few days, but it has several points in favour. On the one hand complies with the requirements which the average user tends to ask a team like this. It also has the latest version of Android, and promises to update to the next. And it is best, cheap.

Now available in stores, and their price is really affordable : 200 euros. It is not the most powerful tablet on the market, but is not too far away from the most cutting-edge devices. However, its price is more or less half that cost the most basic version of a tablet of first row.

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