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Comparison: Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Sony Xperia SL

They are more powerful phones from their respective catalogs. Manufacturers, the South Korean Samsung and the Japanese Sony, have between cloths. And it is not for less. They are the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Sony Xperia SL, terminals of latest release for two signatures in the segment of high range and, therefore, direct competitors. Little presentation lacks the Samsung Galaxy S3: is the phone of the four cores of the large format screen, which has managed to sell more than ten million units in less than two months.

The Sony Xperia SL, for its part, comes to republish as seen in the Sony Xperia S, while improving their already itself interesting benefits and investing in new colour tones in order to seduce a type of audience you are looking for aesthetics as well as power. Today are facing these two devices to check What are the arguments that wields each one to put in his pocket to their respective publics.

Design and display

Each of these two terminals provides a very different proposal, although equally interesting depending on the device that we focus. The Samsung Galaxy S3, on the other hand, is more spacious and bright screen of the market – with permission of the Samsung Galaxy Note-. We are talking about 4.8 inch HD Super AMOLED panel which develops a resolution of 1,280 x 720 pixels. This is the same definition that installs the Sony Xperia SL, with the proviso that, in this case, the diagonal of the screen is 4.3 inches, so get a higher concentration amounting to 342 dots per inch – the most dense of the market, above the 326 DPI iPhone 4S.

Thus, judging both terminals by their screens, the question we have to ask ourselves is if we prefer a generous dimensions panel or one that balances its size in favour of a more extended standard but has a more precise definition as counterpart. In the first case, we count with the Samsung Galaxy S3; in the second, with his counterpart Japanese.

In terms of design, the two terminals have two plastic shells. If we look at the Samsung Galaxy S3, the proposal is a cover of polyurethane available, officially and so far, in two colours: white and metallic blue. In the market American have a third version in red, and it already speaks of a fourth in Black, although their availability is not yet confirmed for according to which regions. The lines are round and get a really thin thickness in relation to the generous size of the set.

The Sony Xperia SL, for its part, has a plastic housing segment into two parts. The main zone encompasses the cover that overwhelms the screen with a slightly convex back location you are looking for ergonomics in the hand. The smaller fragment, located at the bottom of the device, is separated from the other by a small translucent strip that serves as a notifier LED and from which will be news in the system, such as messages, emails, missed calls or our major social networks status updates. This model, in addition, it will have in a good handful of colours available: black, white, grey or pink.


We are going to focus on models that are marketed in both terminals in our country when dealing with tables of connections of these devices. Thus, the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Sony Xperia SL are virtually identical. In both cases we find that I could make use of Wi-Fi networks – the standard 802.11 802.11b/g/n-, as well as 3 G.

They also have ports, Bluetooth and microUSB, as well as being compatible with the role of communication for NFC proximity. Not missing, also the classic GPS sensor to geolocate your phone, either with navigation applications and routes or to other utilities that pictures on the map.

Where we find a remarkable difference in the option of output high-definition multimedia. And is that while the Sony Xperia SL has a dedicated port to which to connect the phone to a TV using HDMI – output mobile is miniHDMI-, the Samsung Galaxy S3 requires a MHL adapter to use the tap microUSB for this purpose. If we already have the adapter above, there will be no problems; otherwise, will be supplying this accessory if among the uses that we give to the mobile is the use of videos Launcher.

However, both offer the ability to share the multimedia content wirelessly. To do this, simply use the DLNA function as a standard with which the phone can adhere to a dependent network of Wi-Fi you are connected, and that recognizes other compatible computers from which we could see videos, photos or music from the mobile or vice versa. In the case of the Samsung Galaxy S3, the DLNA system will be named AllShare, although to all intents and purposes comply with the aforementioned standard functions.

Multimedia and camera

Here accuse the differences, although in a relative manner. Stand us to analyze in the first place, the multimedia playback systems that lead each of these devices. The Samsung Galaxy S3, to begin with, boasts one of the deepest market compatibility profiles, if not that more. With this phone we can see almost all video media that we need, including MKV, DivX, XviD, Avi, MP4, WMV or 3GP; with audio, or still image files also have problems when you play them on the Samsung Galaxy S3.

In the Sony Xperia SL will, by default, a smaller support fund, although the phone will recognize some of the most common audio, video and image formats. Some of the types of files that includes are the MP3, MP4, 3GP, WMA, WMV, AAC, OGG or FLAC. However, by downloading additional applications from Google Play we could increase the range of supported formats to play from the Sony Xperia SL.

And now we move on to the cameras. We first liquidated the similarities to address differences between the proposals of both phones more calmly. We have to begin with, a pair of cameras that will allow us to shoot video with quality FullHD – i.e. with a box of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels capture – and a rate of 30 images per second capture. In both cases we find a LED flash built-in.

The differences we will find, to begin with, in the maximum resolution of registration. While the Samsung Galaxy S3 allows you to take pictures with a maximum eight megapixel3.264 x 2448 pixels – box, Sony Xperia SL makes it playing twelve megapixels4000 x 3000 pixels – ceiling. On the other hand, the mobile Sony integrates the Exmor R sensor of the Japanese firm. Interestingly, the Samsung Galaxy S3 sensor also comes from the Japanese company technology, although in this case, the most notable differences are not in both terminals hardware but in software.

And it is that even though the Sony Xperia SL incorporates some very interesting solutions when you try to analyze the additional features that are incorporated into the camera controller – 3D Sweep Panorama, for example-the Samsung Galaxy S3 makes a distinction flag in this section. Thus, with the Samsung phone would have extras like the sequential burst captures – which allows us to register up to 3.3 frames per second-, the system of selection – making up eight pictures at a time, which the phone itself will select the most appropriate to propose to the user and store it in memory, or trip photo during video recording function.

Processor, memory and system

And here the step is definitely more pronounced, distancing the proposals of both terminals. For sample, just look at what are inside each of these terminals. The Samsung Galaxy S3 bets on its own processor, Samsung Exynos 4 Quad, a small beast of Quad that develops a clock speed of 1.4 GHz and has supported a GB RAM memory, as well as a dedicated graphics unit Mali-400 p, doubling in this sense in the polygon processing power of your already on its powerful predecessor.

It Sony Xperia SL is also very solvent, but not to its counterpart South Korean records. In this case, and precisely here lies the appeal of this terminal in comparison with the device that precedes, we find ourselves with a chip from Qualcomm dual-core and with a 1.7 GHz power architecture-based. We have one of the new Snapdragon S4 series processors. Similarly, is assisted by a a GB of RAM and a graphics Adreno 220.

You have already mentioned that both terminals have a GB of RAM – insist on what you draw lines behind: are dealing with versions of these teams that are distributed in Spain-, but also in storage memory is accused a distance between them. And is that the Samsung Galaxy S3 could find them in versions of 16, 32 and 64 GB internal capacity – 64 GB will not be available until the end of year model-, with upgrade options memory up to 64 additional GB via microSD cards. The Sony Xperia SL, for its part, is limited to an internal Fund of 32 GB, where 26 GB are available for user. This model does not give memory expansion options.

We close this episode with the operating system. In principle, few variations could be noted. The two mobile go on sale with 4.0.4 Android Ice Cream Sandwich, so there is no too mention thereon. The differences are, on the one hand, program updates, and on the other, in the native applications that propose one and the other.

With regard to the former, the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be the first mobile ecosystem of Google to update 4.1 Android Jelly Bean – at least the first that is not of the Nexus family-, while Sony has not given sign precise at the moment about the road map that will follow for your devices. In terms of the latter, although Sony mobile integrates a series of very interesting utilities of uniquely – NFC tags for customization of functions system has called us particularly attention-the Samsung Galaxy S3 takes the cake at this point.

The multinational Korean guys have missed all the meat to the grill with regard to exclusive applications, and although some have a certain regustillo to iPhone – like S-Voice function-, in general surprised the set of actions that is capable of taking the Samsung Galaxy S3. For example, the phone may interpret it when we are watching, going to sleep when you notice that already not look – Smart Stay – in addition to automatically activate the function call to a contact to which we are writing a message if we take the phone to the earDirect Call – or propose to share photos with contacts that we have made them a photo, recognizing them in the shot – Buddy Photo Share-, among many others.


To talk about this, it would be interesting to know the amperage of the batteries that are installed by default on both terminals. Unfortunately, only there are data regarding to the Samsung Galaxy S3, which leads a unit of 2,100 milliamps. In any case, the two manufacturers provide approximate lifetime data in use and rest for both devices, which are used to get an idea of how much could hold us two teams in similar circumstances.

Thus, if we look at the duration in use with 3 G enabled systems, see that the Samsung Galaxy S3 supports more working time: more than eleven hours to eight hours and the terminal on Sony media. In rest, for its part, the team signing South Korean is still referred to in this paragraph, with its almost, attentive, 33 days of endurance with the prepared data connection, while Sony Xperia SL will shut down after 17 days and a half.


As we see proposals that wield one and another terminal far notably among them, though devices that moved in a very similar market segment. Not in vain, as we have already mentioned at the beginning, we have the terminals high-end of their respective catalogs – being a distinction than the Sony Xperia SL will hold for a very short time, given that on 29 August the Japanese firm presented its next first sword.

In this respect, and without know even the price of the Sony mobile – his predecessor has an official cost of 500 euros, although it is known that it is possible to find it under that brand-seems that precisely the expense to assume the user to carry one of these teams will be the main argument to consider the option of buying one and another device.

That and the fact that we want a device wide and bulky in favour of a performance of the highest level – with the Samsung Galaxy S3 as a main banner in this category – or elect to a t phone that balances its functions without much exaggeration by grouping them into a more manageable and Compact terminal – which would take us to select the Sony Xperia SL-.

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