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DJ Table, tables of design for DJs

A good Disc Jockey needs good teams to do the mixes and play with the scratching. But also need support to be able to put all the pots and use them comfortably. This is the excuse that exploits the SpaceTek store to promote these design care and customizable consoles.

Reynold Rodríguez designer is responsible for manufacturing handcrafted these eye-catching furniture with plastics and wood varnished in 45 different finishes. Has three models of game, starting by the 3.1 DJ Table which you can see in action in the video above. With dimensions of 183 x 81 x 91 cm, it has a compartment for the disks on its base and space to place two dishes and four equipoas.

Your starting price is $3,875 (2.488 euros at the current Exchange), because if we add-ons and custom options we have to pay an extra. They are not furniture economic precisely, since they are intended for those dj´s who in addition to emphasize on the quality of their work and encourage the roost in the pub or Disco, want to also look a little style.

The model 2.1 DJ Table is something smaller (124 x 43 x 91 cm), replaces the support with compartment by two metal pins and its basic configuration allows you to attach fewer machines. Hence its price is slightly lower: $3,120 (2,005 euros).

The most simple and economical option is the 00DJ Table model: seems a stool with his compartment internal disk, accompanied by a second baseman. Thus we place two dishes. This reduced its price to $2,970 (1907 euros).

We can add more modules, each for $600 (385 euros), if they are committed couples come out a little cheaper: $1,125 (722 euros).

The hollow spaces in these modules are designed for Pioneer equipment, but measures and design can be personalizarlse completely – imagine that this will be done by a hardly categorized price as modest, so hopefully that they allow, for example, place an ashtray and integrated reposabasos. What less, right?

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