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How to print from the Samsung Galaxy Note 2

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is one of the most attractive and powerful terminals that exist in the market. One of the functions that we can exploit in this device halfway between smartphone and tablet is print directly without passing the files to a computer. In this case, we wanted to highlight two apps for the Android platform with which print documents, pictures or contacts, one of them free (Cloud Print) and the other payment (PrinterShare). We tell you the steps to be followed to print through this terminal.

First of all, to print all kinds of files for free, we have chosen Cloud Print, one of the apps that exist in the Android store to take advantage of this feature of Google Chrome. You must keep in mind that for this function it is necessary to have Google browser and register the printer that you are going to use. Google Cloud Print options are accessible through the Chrome settings, within the advanced options panel. We can add a printer with connection to the network or by using a printer connected locally to a computer with Internet access.

After setting up the printer from the computer downloaded Android Cloud Print app store (using the same account from Google that we have configured Chrome). On the tab of the main menu access the administration of printers and select the printing equipment we will use by default. Then, from the pop-up menu can choose the files that you are going to print, both images, such as SMS messages, contacts or even scanned documents that are scanned through the camera of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. In addition, it also highlights print files that we have hosted in the popular network Dropbox storage service or Google Drive, and even photographs that we have hosted on social networking site Facebook.

Without a doubt, it’s a very interesting option that enables great versatility. On the other hand, we have also chosen another app from the store of Google Play payment intended for users who want to perform print jobs from the Galaxy Note 2 in a more comprehensive manner. The app is called PrinterShare, and for use in a complete way to spend 10 euros. In this case, it is not necessary to configure the printer from the computer, but that program allow us to connect to printers that are connected to the same local network or even use printers registered in Google Cloud Print.

Once you choose a printer, select the driver appropriate to the model (in case of not being on the list, we can use a generic driver). Before you buy the key that allows you to use the full functionality of this application, it is recommended that we print a test page to verify that it is a compatible printer. Via PrinterShare can print contacts, web pages, images, a record calls or emails from Gmail. In addition, when setting up the print we have a large number of options available. Certainly, it’s a very complete and useful app though it requires that the user pay 10 euros for use.

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