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iPhone 5, prices in Spain

Here it is. The iPhone 5 has already landed on Spain. As announced at the time the Californian company Apple, the sixth generation of the telephone star begins to sell in our country from September 28, a Friday, following the tradition of the firm. His arrival has not been without controversy. In the last days been known more or less major problems. And is that according to some American users, the effects of the new version of the operating system iOS 6 (integrated series on the iPhone 5) is not desired. Apparently, phones being depleted its autonomy due to Apple Maps, another failed service which is also integrated in the brand new version of iOS. Despite all these setbacks, it is likely out Apple buoyant of the controversy, since most loyal Apple users will continue betting on a brand new iPhone 5, for the first time with four-inch screen.

In any case, Apple has already released the prices that will be the new iPhone 5 in Spain for all those customers who want to buy the phone in free format, i.e., if having to bind any operator.

The iPhone 5, as you know, will be sold in three different versions: 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB. This means, it is clear, that the terminal will have three different prices. The more memory have the device, the higher its price. In this way, we are able to indicate that the smallest 16 GB version will cost 670 euros. The next edition of 32 GB, will have a price of 770 euros and finally, the 64 GB iPhone 5 will be sold for a total of 870 euros. As I said at the beginning, we have the prices of the iPhone 5 in free format, which means that the user is not obliged to attach to any operator, you can freely enjoy voice and data contract that already has your usual company. These editions can be purchased through the official Apple store, both in online mode via the main stores or dealers who have the blessing of the Cupertino firm.

The truth is that there has been too many surprises with regard to the prices of iPhone 4S in its time, since Apple tends to add 100 euros for each version with a higher capacity. Most likely, on the other hand, is that the prices of the new iPhone 4S down immediately, another traditional gesture in each release of the signature. Finally, it is worth noting that all versions – in this case distinguished by color – they will have the same price, so that the amount to be paid is identical, regardless of if we chose the model of Black or white.

The iPhone 5 has been presented with some interesting news, as for example a four inch screen, something that had not happened since the first launch of the iPhone 5 since 2007. The new Apple device is also lighter, since the terminal is quite fine and just 0.76 mm thick. The camera retains the eight megapixel sensor, but interesting improvements in sensor and lenses, made of Sapphire Crystal is deducted. If this were little, the piece also allows you to record videos in high definition (FullHD) capture snapshots and in widescreen format. Apple wanted to top it off increasing the potential of the team. And though the processor still retains an architecture of dual-core chip A6 is 22% smaller and consumes considerably less than the previous chip A5, which has a very positive impact on the autonomy of the device.

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