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Nokia EOS, Windows Phone with a real camera PureView

The next high-end of the Finnish Nokia already begins to emerge. We could know through The Verge, the team that would broaden the appeal of the Lumia family would be the Nokia EOS, a terminal that corresponds to some of the leaks that had failed to meet so far, expanding with new details that have attracted our attention. In particular one: recourse to technology PureView with results closer to what they already feel through the Nokia 808 PureView. We are talking about that type of sensor that achieves unprecedented results in a mobile phone in several respects: definition is spectacular, zoom options, outrageous, and quality in simply amazing candlepower.

PureView technology has been see in the Nokia Lumia 920, but presenting with a 8.7-megapixel sensor, front 41 megapixel – little more than 38 megapixels effective, in practice, after the application of a series of techniques – Nokia 808. Although the results that gets the current high-end signature are very good, perhaps it wasn’t what expected compared with the latest Nokia Belle which has been on sale. In response to this, the multinational Finnish would be developing a new Windows Phone does use the same sensor that we have known in the Nokia 808 PureView. And even improved.

(this image corresponds to a supposed prototype that leaked a few months ago, not with the terminal described by the data that these days are learning about the so-called Nokia EOS)

The phone that currently represents with greater fidelity what it takes this type of sensors has the drawback that at the height of the camera, the design is dilated, presenting something as a small hump at the rear of the terminal. This perhaps could be mitigated in the rumored Nokia EOS, which also would present, as opposed to the current family Lumia in his high rank, a cover of aluminum, which would strengthen structure betting on a greater lightness – the weight is one of the criticisms that have been dumped on the Nokia Lumia 920-. Curiously, the Lumia 920 polycarbonate chassis has has earned the distinction of being one of the teams most resistant and hard market. Many tests before impacts and falls well evidenced.

Unfortunately, there is no data about when we might see this Nokia EOS in action. However, it is significant that we are having evidence of its existence a few weeks before the celebration of the Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona, where Nokia will have their own space. At that time, it is possible that are exposed some of the innovations that is saved in the manga. And indeed, it was in the last edition of the fair of mobile when unfolded cited camera technology for mobile phones, with what would give you some sense to the presentation of the new version is installed on a Windows Phone.

Despite everything, proximity in the launch of the latest Lumia – in Spain just take a few days for sale – makes us skeptical before the possible presentation at the MWC 2013 of the new Nokia EOS. In such a case, it is likely that it would have to keep patience until Nokia World 2013, which will take place between days 24 and 25 September of this year.